Who You Are - The Identity Within You

Who you are - The identity within you


A life caught in a body. A body that gives you life.


Do you know yourself best? Or is it someone else who can describe you and who you are better than you are able to?


How much can people consciously choose to show to others and the outside world and how much do people in your vicinity see that you don't know about?


Which features and sides within you do you not ever want somebody else to know? Do you ever ask yourself why so?


When you see someone in the eye, what do you see? The true self in the person? Lies? Yourself?


To always hide something in every second you live. Are we even capable of not doing so? To always be totally honest, sincere and authentic to ourselves and others. Why does it feel like it's the hardest thing to do of everything in the world?


Does our identity and person age when our body ages over the years or are we really all young children playing adults just because our body has grown up?


Why do some people change over time? Get totally different? Getting almost a new identity? Others seem to be their true self until the last breath of life.


Life, experiences and time shape and develop our identity. But the one we are deep within, is that constant life through? How much of the self are you born with and how much is shaped by life?


What do others see in you that you don't see? How do others perceive you? How do you want others to see you? Can you even choose or does it happen unknowingly?


Who do you see when you see yourself in the mirror? Who do others see when they look at you? What is the difference? What do you want the difference to be?