Maskihommii på Svenskis, premiär imorgon

I'm Nicole Hjelt, a visual artist, professional make-up artist and prop maker born in 1993. I live and work in Pietarsaari, Finland. I'm studying Fine Arts Bachelor at Novia University of Applied Science and will get my exam in spring 2023.

Complicated relationships. Feelings that get stuck in the throat. Tears that never turn into salt water. Abstract thoughts that you can not put into words. Human mistakes that seem unforgivable at the time. Letters that never become sentences. And sentences that never get air.

I love working with colors and the lack of them, contrast, sharp lines and features on the human face. I am fascinated and get my inspiration from different cultures as well as human expression and emotion. Through my art I strive to portray deeply rooted emotions and bring them to life.

In my art, I work very broadly with everything from painting, drawing, words, performance and video. I am currently experimenting and exploring the concept of creating self-portraits in various ways. The more I think of the core of self-portrait I notice that there are no limits in the creating and by that I feel free.

"Art is like air to me. And I have to breathe."

For contact:

+358 409030020